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The Mobile Library is #MoreThanBooks

Why do we call our new sprinter van a Mobile Library instead of a bookmobile? What is a Mobile Library? We aim to bring all library services beyond our doorsteps, not just the (wonderful!) books.

Did you know that you can connect to the Mobile Library’s Wi-Fi anytime it’s parked and running? Just look for the network named “Del Valle Mobile Library” and use the password “Mobi Guest”.

Did you know that you can use outlets on the inside AND the outside of the Mobile Library? You can always charge your phone or laptop on us.

Did you know that we’ll print your documents at the same rate as our other branches? That’s 10¢/side for black and white or 50¢/side for color.

We’ll continue to develop more services in the future and look forward to seeing you on the road!

Mary Roach, Mobile Library Manager

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